Our Journey to Freedom

We were married in 1976, a few months after my college graduation. With a degree in Christian Ministries, I soon took a job as a youth pastor. My salary was $50 per week. A year later I entered seminary and we continued our trend of earning little but needing much.

Our first credit card purchase came a few months into seminary. It included dress clothes for church, a chain saw for firewood, and a few Christmas gifts. Of course, JC Penny had an easy credit plan.

From that moment in 1977 unil January 2008 we lived addicted to debt. Although there were a few times when we were debt-free, it was never for more than a few months. We could not kick the habit. By late 2007 our total consumer debt had ballooned to $22,093.

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover truly changed our lives. We began working our “Debt Snowball” in January 2008. Over the next six months we paid off $3,308. But something was missing. We could not control the flexible expenses in our budget. The problem was our plastic debit card. Plastic makes spending too easy!

We decided to try The Envelope Budget System in June 2008. But NOT with Dave’s envelopes. They are too small and flimsy. I wanted envelopes large enough to hold plenty of cash and change. They should be sturdy enough to endure months of being stuffed in and out of a purse or hip pocket. They should also be colorful. There was no such envelope on the market. So, I created…SpendVelopes.

Using our SpendVelopes and Dave’s plan over the next 14 months we paid off $18,785 and became DEBT FREE! We have since socked away our 6 MONTH EMERGENCY FUND!If we could do it YOU TOO CAN BE DEBT FREE and on the road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

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